Biware is a data management and analytics consulting and integration company specializing in customer insight, risk management, fraud and compliance, demand forecasting and model analysis solutions. The company provides services to large corporations in the finance, telecommunications, retail, energy, and utilities sectors, using the most advanced analytics technologies available in the global market.

Managing and developing employees’ soft skills in the workplace is a key challenge to improve their performance and well-being. However, it is often difficult for managers and directors to monitor and evaluate these skills effectively.
To this end, Biware has enlisted the services of ADDINN Group to develop a dedicated mobile application named ‘Synapse’ which aims to optimize employees’
soft skills by providing managers and directors with analytical dashboards for monitoring and evaluating their teams through pre-defined metrics and KPIs.

This mobile application will help contribute to improving employee performance and satisfaction, while enhancing overall company efficiency.

BIWARE X ADDINN | Digitalisation